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Warsztaty dla doktorantów

Warsztaty dla doktorantów


 “Shift in bioanalysis: micro-methods as a new alternative in drug analysis and discovery of biomarkers” 

Abstract :The workshop covers theoretical and practical aspects of microextraction techniques and their practical use in preclinical and clinical studies. The provided examples demonstrate how the flexibility and low invasiveness of microextraction devices and protocols fill the gaps of conventional strategies. The challenges, pros and cons of the methods tested up-to-date will be also discussed. During the wet-lab experiments participants will have a chance to see and try the techniques in action; a few experimental setups with the use of solid phase microextraction fibres and thin film devices with different instrumental couplings namely LC-MS, CBS-MS and MOI-MS will be used.

Termin: 4-5 październik 2022, godz.14.00-17.15

04.10.2022 - godz. 14.00-17.15  "Application of solid phase microextraction to oncology and transplantology”

05.10.2022- godz. 14.00-17.15   “Solid phase microextraction and microdialysis in neuroscience and beyond”

Miejsce: Katedra Farmakodynamiki i Farmakologii Molekularnej w budynku Wydziału Farmaceutycznego przy ul. dr. A. Jurasza 2

Koordynator: dr hab. Barbara Bojko prof. UMK


Professor Janusz Pawliszyn; Department of Chemistry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo,

Associate Professor Ezel Boyaci; Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

mgr  Natalia Warmuzińska, Katedra Farmakodynamiki i Farmakologii Molekularnej, Wydział Farmaceutyczny CM UMK

 mgr Kamil Łuczykowski, Katedra Farmakodynamiki i Farmakologii Molekularnej, Wydział Farmaceutyczny CM UMK