Bydgoszcz in numbers

Bydgoszcz - Birds eye view of the city - photo by Marcin Machoń

First trace of settlement:      8000 BC
Municipal charter granted in:   1346
Area:   175.98 km2
Geographic coordinates:   53°07’ N, 18°00’ E
Elevation:   60 m above sea level
Population:   357,652
Population density:   2,032 people per km2
Sister cities:   12 cities on 3 continents
Total length of roads/streets:   743.9 km
Number of hotels:   22
Number of sports facilities:   146
Total length of cycling routes:   77,2 km
Area of the Myślęcinek park:   830 ha
Number of culture facilities:   107
Number of hospitals:   9
Number of primary and secondary schools:       222
Number of higher education institutions:   15
Number of business entities:   42,725