The 5-year uniform Master of Science in Physiotherapy programme is offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences. It constitutes a comprehensive combination of knowledge and practical skills in such areas as kinesitherapy, physical therapy, balneotherapy, manual therapy, therapeutic massage, and special methods.

Physiotherapy photo 1The curriculum covers theoretical and practical aspects of physical therapy methods based on various forms of physical energy occurring in the human environment, such as movement and thermal, mechanical, electrical, light, chemical, and other types of stimuli. Physiotherapy deals with eliminating the repercussions of disease, alleviating disease processes and their effects, and restoring human psychophysical efficiency. The curriculum also includes intra-year work placements during each academic year in physiotherapy and kinesitherapy clinics and hospital wards.

Physiotherapy photo 2Graduates of  Physiotherapy program are prepared and competent to provide various therapeutic services, including systemic rehabilitation (after traumas, surgeries, in chronic diseases), pulmonary, neurological, cardiac and geriatric rehabilitation, or the treatment of children in coma. Physiotherapists are trained and qualified to work in hospitals and outpatient clinics, private clinics, sports clubs, recreation centers, spa centers, health resorts, or social care facilities – there are many career paths open to our graduates of Physiotherapy.

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