All petitions related to studies and payments should be made in writing and submitted to the office of Centre for Medical Education in English. They should be addressed to prof. dr hab. Arkadiusz Jawień.

Students may apply for course exemption by transferring credits/grades from the University formerly attended. In order to be exempted from the course students need to fill in a petition and after gaining a positive opinion of the Course Coordinator submit it to the Office of the Centre for Medical Education in English. The petition should be submitted within 7 working days (counted from the beginning of the semester).

docCourse Exemption (Credit Transfer) application40.00 KB

Students who have not successfully completed a semester or academic year may apply for conditional status.
Student's request needs to be submitted in a written form within 7 days from the deadline date for obtaining credits for a semester or academic year.

docxConditional status form13.74 KB