Extracurricular activities at Collegium Medicum

It is common knowledge that studying medicine is not a proverbial piece of cake and takes a lot of time and effort. If, however, you manage to spare some time to broaden your medical horizons even further and wish to go beyond the curriculum, Collegium Medicum offers a wide array of options for you to choose from:

logo ANSA The Association of Norwegian Students Abroad – ANSA
ANSA is a membership-based, non-profit organisation that might be of interest to current and prospective Norwegian students. Its primary goal is to protect the interests of Norwegians studying abroad in terms of academic, economic, social and cultural aspects of their stay in a foreign country.
Logo IFMSA Poland  International Federation of Medical Students' Associations – IFMSA
IFMSA-Poland is not only a pure formality. It is an amazing boost of energy, interesting connections, trips, events and much more. Come and discover what attracted over a million students from all over the world and to the activity in our Association.
Collegium Medicum Student Government logo Collegium Medicum Student Government
[Samorząd Studencki Collegium Medicum]
The Student Government is the official representative body for all Collegium Medicum students in the University’s Senate and Faculty Councils. It provides assistance in solving university-related problems, collects students’ opinions with the aim of implementing new solutions, participates in giving student grants and organises various events for students.
Logo STN CM Student Scientific Society
[Studenckie Towarzystwo Naukowe – STN]
The Student Scientific Society welcomes anyone interested to join one of the many active Student Research Clubs devoted to diverse areas of medicine, pharmacy and health sciences. Writing academic papers, participating in national and international conferences, attending trainings and educational events – these and other activities will help you spread your wings.
far Polish Pharmaceutical Students’ Association – PPSA
[Polskie Towarzystwo Studentów Farmacji – PTSF]
The Polish Pharmaceutical Students’ Association is the largest organisation of this type in Poland, open to students and graduates of pharmaceutical programmes. The Association organises and participates in numerous conferences, events, congresses, competitions and other activities promoting the field of pharmacy.
Logo AZS CM Academic Sports Association
[Akademicki Związek Sportowy – AZS]
The Academic Sports Association is a dynamically functioning organisation offering a wide range of sections to join. The club organises summer and winter sports camps and takes part in numerous national championships and tournaments.
Logo Chor CM Collegium Medicum Choir
[Chór Collegium Medicum]
If you are a good singer and would like to further improve your skills, you can join the Collegium Medicum Choir. In over the quarter-century of its existence, the Choir has earned many remarkable achievements and received top awards and prizes in national and international competitions and festivals.
Communicative level of Polish is required.
Logo STDL CM Laboratory Medicine Student Association
[Studenckie Towarzystwo Diagnostów Laboratoryjnych – STDL]
The Association was created by and for students of the Laboratory Medicine programme. It strives to promote the critical role of laboratory diagnosticians in the treatment of patients and the functioning of the health care sector. STDL helps students integrate and exchange information and study materials.
Logo AGR Academic Society for Emergency Medicine
[Akademicka Grupa Ratownicza – AGR]
The Group welcomes all students interested in improving their knowledge in emergency medicine, promoting active and healthy lifestyle and exchanging skills and experiences in the field. Members participate in training workshops, events, demonstrations, meetings with specialists, teamwork exercises and more.