Erasmus has landed!

It’s been a week since our international guests – Erasmus students arrived at our University. We greeted them in a traditional Polish way - with bread and salt, which symbolize health and prosperity. During our welcome meeting, we could try snacks brought by them from various corners of Europe.

Each Erasmus student has a Polish Study Buddy, whose role is to facilitate overcoming the shock connected with the new reality. Within the so called Orientation Days, Erasmus students went to see the Museum of Soap and History of Dirt. Another attraction that we are planning for them, will be cooking workshops, where a professional chef will lead them into the world of the Polish cuisine.

We hope that their stay at Collegium Medicum will be a great adventure.

Erasmus has landed!1 Erasmus has landed!2 Erasmus has landed!3
Erasmus has landed!4 Erasmus has landed!5 Foto. Aleksandra Laskowska