Success at anatomy competition

We are proud to inform you that once again students of the 6-year MD Programme in English at NCU Collegium Medicum achieved a notable success at the National Inter-University Anatomy Competition Scapula Aurea and Golden Scapula 2019.

This annually-held contest is addressed to Polish-language (Scapula Aurea) and English-language (Golden Scapula) students of medicine, and each participating medical university is represented by a team of pre-selected students. The participants represented 13 higher education institutions from all over the country.

The achievements of our first-year students of Medicine in this year’s edition of the contest were spectacular – they received six out of twelve possible awards!

Our students’ results:

1st place in team ranking – English Division team:Golden Scapula 2019 1

  • Damilola Adenji
  • Joshua Sokan
  • Dale Varghese

2nd place in team ranking – Polish Division team:

  • Dariusz Józef Łaszczych
  • Jakub Misun
  • Bartłomiej Wojciech Szymczak

2nd place in individual ranking:

  • Joshua Sokan – English Division
  • Dariusz Józef Łaszczych – Polish Division

3rd place in individual ranking:

  • Damilola Adenji – English Division
  • Bartłomiej Wojciech Szymczak – Polish Division

This is another outstanding achievement of our students in this prestigious contest. In 2014, a team of Polish students took 1st place and a team of international students took 2nd place in the competition. In 2015, Collegium Medicum students dominated the podium, taking 1st places in individual and team rankings of both Polish and international competitors. In 2016 edition of the contest, our Polish students were among top competitors – they took 2nd places in both the individual and team ranking. In 2017, one of our ED students bested all other international students studying in Poland. Last year, the English Division team took 2nd place in the team ranking. We hope that our students will keep up the great work!

Golden Scapula 2019 2      Golden Scapula 2019 3    

Golden Scapula 2019 4

photos by: Aleksandra Konopka, Mateusz Badura