Sample Prep Summer Course 2019

The third edition of this prime theoretical and practical sample preparation event will focus on the methods utilized in bioanalysis for different biological matrices including biofluids and tissues. Come along and learn from top experts what are the differences between “traditional”, routinely used methods based on  homogenization and solvents extraction and microextraction approaches.  Understand the theoretical principles behind each technique, and learn how these principles can help you to produce better results in your laboratory. All course lectures will be followed by hands-on training covering SPE, SPME, SLE, LLE, EME and several modes of LPME. This is not a “recipe” course limited to a particular sample type or application. This course offers a comprehensive theoretical/practical treatment of exhaustive and microextraction methods as an important part of every analytical protocol. You will learn how to approach targeted and untargeted analysis; what factors are the most important and how to start.  Top experts will teach you how to face challenges and avoid pitfalls when developing and applying different methods in your laboratory; allowing you to come away with a complete understanding of what tool should be used and how to validate the method to achieve the goal. You will also see the demonstrations of new strategies how to combine sample prep and fast instrumental analysis.

The course is organized by the international group of experts in the field of sample preparation, including Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn from University of Warterloo, Canada, Prof. Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard from University of Olso, Norway, Prof. Elia Psillakis from Technical University of Crete, Greece, Dr. Ezel Boyaci from Middle East Technical University, Turkey and Dr. Barbara Bojko from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland.

For more information visit the course website or contact Dr. Barbara Bojko at

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