Treatment with a Mission

Treatment with a MissionMonika Sypniewska and Dawid Adamkiewicz, fifth-year students of medicine at NCU Collegium Medicum, are flying to Kenya as volunteers for the project entitled „Treatment with a Mission”. The projects was initiated by students from the Poznań Medical University and is supported by the Harambee Foundation. After several astonishingly successful editions of the project and having collected a total of 11 tons of medical equipment, the Foundation decided to open the way for students from other Polish medical universities. Over 100 potential volunteers applied to participate and 12 students were eventually selected. Two of them are Monika and Dawid, representing NCU Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz. The group is going to spend 5 weeks in the Consolata Mission Hospital Kyeni, at the foot of the second highest mountain in Africa - Mount Kenya.

The most serious problem related to medical care in Kenya is the small number of healthcare professionals and insufficient amount of equipment and medications. In Kenya, the number of physicians per resident is 11 times lower than in Poland. Medical care is provided mainly in the capital of the country, Nairobi, and the further from it, the harder it is to obtain any kind of healthcare services. That is why mission hospitals are so important – they make it possible to treat and save the lives of thousands of Kenyans, and are therefore supported by the „Treatment with a Mission” project.

This year’s edition of the campaign is divided into 12 sections focusing on: perinatal care, neonatal care, emergency medicine and intensive care, internal diseases and their prevention, treatment of congenital orthopaedic conditions, ophthalmic and optometric care, neurology, diagnostic imaging, dental care and medical education.

Monika and Dawid, together with four students and one doctor from Poznań, have been assigned to section „How KenYa help You?". Their main task will be teaching courses for medical personnel in such areas as basics and advanced life support, fluid therapy, FAST ultrasound examination and operating cardiomonitors, ventilators and defibrillators. Honorary patronage over this section of the project was taken by the Vice-Rector for Collegium Medicum, prof. dr hab. Grażyna Odrowąż-Sypniewska, and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, dr hab. Katarzyna Pawlak-Osińska, prof. UMK.

Treatment with a Mission Treatment with a Mission  Treatment with a Mission