Deputy Rector for Clinical Affairs at Collegium Medicum

prof. Jacek Manitius
Deputy Rector for Clinical Affairs at Collegium Medicum
for the term 2016-2020

Prof. dr hab. Jacek Manitius

Scope of activity:

  1. Coordinates the collaboration between university hospitals towards establishing common rules for the provision of diagnostic and treatment services.
  2. Carries out continuous and periodic assessment of the cooperation between university hospitals in terms of the implementation and execution of the accepted rules for diagnostic and treatment service provision.
  3. Formulates common policies on the procedures of public procurement for medications and disposable medical products to be used in university hospitals.
  4. Initiates joint activity of university hospitals for the purposes of medical prophylaxis and health promotion, as well as their participation in health-related undertakings to the benefit or other national and foreign organisations and institutions.
  5. Cooperates with primary health care entities for the purposes of standardising the principles of diagnosis and treatment before and after hospital stay.
  6. Monitors the exchange of information between university hospitals and other regional hospitals and medical emergency departments with regard to the rational use of diagnostic and treatment facilities.