Vice-Rector for Research

prof. dr hab. Jacek Kubica, Vice-Rector for Research
Vice-Rector for Research
for the term 2016-2020

Prof. dr hab. Jacek Kubica

Scope of activity:

  1. Initiates and monitors the accomplishment of scientific, research and artistic objectives established by the University.
  2. Initiates and monitors international and national cooperation of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in the scope of scientific research.
  3. Supervises research projects, particularly those funded as part of European Union framework programmes.
  4. Supervises matters related to conferring Rector’s and Minister’s awards.
  5. Monitors the utilisation of scientific research equipment at the University.
  6. Coordinates matters related to the organisation of international and national conferences at the University.
  7. Supervises the cooperation of the University with public higher education institutions in Bydgoszcz.
  8. Monitors the implementation of the HR Excellence in Research strategy at the University.
  9. Monitors the process of transferring data pertaining to the Science Information System to the POL-on system.
  10. Provides content-related supervision over non-departmental and central administration units: Centre for Modern Interdisciplinary Technologies, Department of Research, CM Department of Research, Department of International Research Projects, CM Department of International Programmes and Cooperation with Industry, Department of Research Equipment.