Centre for Medical Education in English

professor Arkadiusz Jawien photowelcome letter

Our 6-year Medical Program in English was launched in 2009 with a group of future doctors from Scandinavia. Two years later, the Centre for Medical Education was established as a separate department for students of the MD Program in English and has been expanding ever since. The university has recently enriched its offer by three new programs in English – Nursing, Physiotherapy and Laboratory Medicine – and is currently providing education to over 200 students from such countries as Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Norway, UK, Ireland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Ethiopia, the USA, or Canada. The programs are based on plans of study for Polish students and all the courses are taught entirely in English.

Our foreign students are invariably enchanted with the wonderful atmosphere of Bydgoszcz and of the school itself, and very often encourage their friends and relatives to come to study at Collegium Medicum. We would be happy to have you join us too!