Programs offered by Collegium Medicum

Collegium Medicum is divided into three faculties providing full-degree education under fifteen programs in Polish and four in English. To find out more about our offer, click on the level of the program that you wish to explore (information about programs taught in Polish is available only in Polish):

 Programs in Polish

Programs in English

 Faculty of Medicine
 Biomedical Engineering – BSc    MedicineMD
 Biotechnology – BSc, MSc
 Dispensing Optics and Optometry – BSc      
 Medicine – MD  
 Faculty of Pharmacy
 Cosmetology – BSc, MSc    Laboratory Medicineuniform MSc      
 Laboratory Medicine – uniform MSc  
 Pharmacy – uniform MSc  
 Faculty of Health Sciences
 Audiophonology – BSc    NursingBSc
 Electroradiology – BSc    Physiotherapyuniform MSc
 Emergency Medical Science – BSc  
 Midwifery – BSc, MSc  
 Nursing – BSc, MSc
 Nutrition Science – BSc, MSc  
 Physiotherapy – BSc, MSc  
 Public Health – BSc, MSc