Winter swimming – become a walrus!

Winter swimming - foto.Though the winter season in Poland is rather mild this year, it is still a time when the deficiency of sunlight and vitamins is particularly disadvantageous to our organisms. Thus, most people have their own ways of coping with the somewhat depressive atmosphere and improving their mood. One way to get through winter time is to dig out warm sweaters from the deepest parts of your wardrobe or prepare some fluffy blankets and thermal mugs. Warm and fluffy is always the standard option. However, if you like challenges, there is the other way. You can use your free time to go swimming in a lake, or in the sea. The colder the better.Winter swimming - foto.

Winter swimming might not be particularly pleasant, but it has been reported to bring potential health benefits. Winter swimmers generally report to have more vigour and energy, their mood is better and they are more active compared to their blanket-wrapped friends.

This extreme sport, as some would call it, is not entirely free from risks. Immersion in cold water should be done with caution in order to avoid cold shock response. Care should especially be taken by beginners, whose first cold bathing experiences should be supervised by someone more experienced.

Winter swimming - foto.Numerous scientific studies have addressed the potential pros and cons of what is called cold water immersion. We invite you to read a very interesting and informative article discussing this matter, prepared by dr hab. Paweł Zalewski, head of the Division of Ergonomics and Exercise Physiology at the Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Ergonomics (Faculty of Health Sciences), and mgr Sławomir Kujawski, doctoral student and research and teaching assistant at the said Division.

Cold water immersion - potential benefits

Winter swimming is a popular autumn/winter activity in Poland. There exist numerous associations and groups of enthusiastic ice swimmers – in Polish referred to as “morsy” (pl. mors = walrus) – who regularly gather to swim together and support one another in this rather unpleasant activity. What is more, they enjoy it! If you like challenges, you can join them and become a mors. One of the most popular associations of winter swimmers that you can sign up to is Bydgoskie Morsy – you can find more information on their Facebook or website.