Snow white lab coats and more

Less than a month is left until the beginning of the new academic year – the countdown is on! Once you get busy with the preparations, don’t forget to visit the Collegium Medicum Shop, where you can find everything that you need for your classes. Surely, you’re already equipped with a positive attitude and strong motivation, now it’s time for some snow white lab coats and shiny pens ;)

Here’s what to equip yourself with for anatomy classes:

  1. a white lab coat - buttoned at the front or tied at the back;
  2. white medical shoes for change - easy to clean;
  3. a medical cap or white headscarf;
  4. disposable gloves - nitrile or latex, though latex gloves cause allergic reactions more often;
  5. students of the Medical program: a dissecting kit (anatomical forceps and scalpel);
    students of other programs: anatomical forceps min 14 cm long;
  6. an ID tag - it must be worn (!) in a visible place during every anatomy class docxdownload template532.2 KB

Lab coats, shoes, dissecting kits/anatomical forceps and tag lanyards can be bought in:
CM Department of Promotion and Information
ul. M. Curie Skłodowskiej 9 in Bydgoszcz
(buildings of the Antoni Jurasz University Hospital No. 1)
Pathomorphology building, ground floor (the entrance is opposite the Library Building)
Monday – Friday: 7.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.
Please notice that we accept cash payment only!
more info:

Lab coat: 59 PLN + medical cap free

 medical lab coats photo 3  medical lab coats photo 4 

Medical shoes by MIRACLOGS: 59 PLN

 medical lab shoes photo 2  medical lab shoes photo 3 


Student dissecting kit: 25 PLN
The kit includes:
- Anatomical forceps 18 cm long (x 1 item)
- Scalpel handle (x 1 item)
- Sterile scalpel blade x (2 items)

Student dissecting kit

Anatomical forceps: 18 PLN
16 cm long

anatomical forceps

Lanyard with ID tag holder: 5.5 PLN

ID tag holder


Other products on our offer include:

  • T-shirt "Keep Calm and study at Collegium Medicum in Bydgoszcz" – 19 PLN
  • cotton bag "I love CM UMK" – 8 PLN
  • ceramic mug "I love CM UMK" – 18 PLN
  • syringe pen – 2 PLN
  • set of plasters (5 pcs.) in a case – 2.50 PLN 

Disposable gloves are available in any drugstore or pharmacy.