CM Promotional Products – Buy Now!

We are offering medical lab coats embroidered with the name of our University and medical shoes by CROCS and MIRACLOGS. Women's and men's lab coats in all sizes, medical shoes and more products on our offer are available at retail in the CM Department of Promotion and Information and in our on-line shop.

Lab coat: 59 PLN

 medical lab coats photo 3  medical lab coats photo 4 

Medical shoes by MIRACLOGS: 59 PLN

 medical lab shoes photo 2  medical lab shoes photo 3 

Medical shoes by CROCS: 99 PLN

medical lab shoes photo 4  medical lab shoes photo 5 

Student dissecting kit: 25 PLN
The kit includes:
- Anatomical forceps 18 cm long (x 1 item)
- Scalpel handle (x 1 item)
- Sterile scalpel blade x (2 items)

Student dissecting kit

Other products on our offer include:

  • syringe pen – 2 PLN
  • ceramic mug "I love CM" or ""Trust me, I'm a Med Student" – 18.00 PLN
  • set of plasters (5) in a case – 2.50 PLN
  • cotton bag “I love CM UMK” – 8 PLN

The items are available at retail
in the Collegium Medicum Department of Promotion and Information
at 9 Curie Skłodowskiej Street in Bydgoszcz
Pathomorphology building, ground floor
Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

For more information contact us: